Laurieston Arches and Wall Space

There are currently 4 archways available for use as exhibition or performance spaces on Cleland Lane. There will also be sections of wall for which we welcome mural/wall drawing ideas.

To give an overview of the whole site, there are in total 18 large and deep archways in row on Cleland Lane and 5 less deep ones closer to Cumberland Road/Surrey Lane. However, as already stated, there are currently four of the larger ones are available at the moment.

The arches site is being developed by art organisation WAVEparticle, as part of their Artists in Arches (AiA) project for Art & Living: Laurieston, the art strategy developed for the area in partnership with New Gorbals Housing Association and Urban Union. Visit to see examples of how other people are using the space to exhibit work, which to date include Baldachini, curated by Lauren Printy Currie for GI, and most recently, Glasgow-based artist, Louis Skehal’s exhibition ‘A State of Place’. AiA is supported by Network Rail and by Stalled Spaces, Glasgow City Council.

The main points to think of when proposing work for these spaces are:

  • Some of the floors in the spaces are uneven (Arch 4 has the most even ground)
  • Water getting in – the spaces are not completely waterproof
  • The exhibition will be in November when it’s dark and cold!
  • Electricity. We have access to two silenced generators that run at a cost of approx. £6 per day with a combined power of 4.5kW.


Photograph of the entrance to the Laurieston Arches site

Entrance to the Laurieston Arches site


Photograph of the interior of Archway 4 at Laurieston Arches

The interior of Archway 4 at Laurieston Arches


Photograph of Laurieston Archway No. 1

Laurieston Archway No. 1

Photograph of the wall opposite the archway entrances.

Wall opposite the archway entrances. Most of this wall be knocked down, leaving approx 3m sections for murals and wall drawings.


Photograph of the area in front of the Laurieston Arches

The area in front of the Laurieston Arches (tree branches will be cleared)