In November 2014, YAKA Collective presented SO IT IS, a group exhibition featuring 30 artists who graduated between 2010 – 2014. The show was spread across four venues in Glasgow: The Briggait, Laurieston Arches, Caledonia Road Church and Laurieston Arena. During the exhibition’s two-week run, the show brought together artists working across a wide range of media. This included sculptural installations, performances, workshops and events.

SO IT IS was produced in association with Wasps Studios and WAVEparticle. While the Briggait is well known as a space for the siting of artworks, the other venues are not yet recognised in the same way. By facilitating a dialogue between these different sites, the show aimed to highlight the potential that they all have as creative spaces.

Alongside WAVEparticle, the creation of the three Laurieston spaces is supported by Glasgow City Council, Stalled Spaces, NGHA, Urban Union and Network Rail. We would like to thank WAVEparticle, Wasps Studios, Risotto, Garthland Design and Print for their support.

Michael Barr, Hannah Brackston, Leanora Brophy, Mikey Cook, Conor Cooke, Jasper Coppes, Tim Dalzell, Sam Devereux, Sam Dransfield, Florence Dwyer, Rachel Forrest, Hannah Imlach, Richard Krantz, Emil Lillo, Jen Martin, Frank McElhinney, Philippe Murphy, Cameron Orr, Alys Owen, Manon Rolland, Todd Braylor Pleasants, Daniele Sambo, Jasper Weinstein Sheffield, Živilė Siutilaitė, Rae-Yen Song, Emma Thomas, Katrina Valle, Tess Vaughan, Ben Weir, Fanny Wickström